Two Young Lives Lost: Los Angeles Models’ Tragic Endings

The accidental drug-related demise of a 32-year-old model was confirmed by coroner’s officials in downtown Los Angeles, nearly six weeks after her body was discovered in her apartment. Nichole Coats, who resided in Los Angeles, passed away due to a combination of cocaine and ethanol toxicity, as determined by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

In a separate incident, 31-year-old Maleesa Mooney was also found lifeless in her downtown Los Angeles apartment on September 12, just two days after Coats’ body was found. Last month, the Los Angeles Police Department concluded that there was no apparent connection between the two deaths.

The families of these two young aspiring models are left in anguish, seeking answers as both women were found deceased in their downtown Los Angeles residences within days of each other.

The LAPD received a welfare check request on September 10 at the Eighth & Grand Apartments. Coats’ father had also visited her, only to discover his daughter lifeless in her solitary abode.

Sheniya Mason, Coats’ cousin, expressed her shock, saying, “I was so distraught… I just felt like everything was moving in slow motion. And I still am in shock… in denial that she’s not here.”

In an interview last month, Sharon, Coats’ mother, told ABC7, “I’m devastated that it happened to Nicole. This is horrible… it’s like a dream, that my daughter’s going to walk through the door and she’s not. She’s gone.” She added, “I’m just trying to piece everything together, but I still feel that something fishy is going on.”

Guy Coats, Nichole Coats’ father, informed ABC News that his daughter worked as a sales representative from her home while pursuing a career as an aspiring model.

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