Unprovoked McDonald’s Attack: 13-Year-Old Victim Seeks Justice

Police are currently on the lookout for a woman involved in a brutal assault on a 13-year-old girl at a Harbor City fast food restaurant last week.

The unprovoked attack occurred on September 6th when Kassidy Jones, an eighth-grader, and her friends decided to visit a local McDonald’s. The terrifying incident unfolded when Jones exited the restroom, only to be confronted by the aggressive woman.

According to Jones, the altercation began with a simple eye contact between them. However, the woman inexplicably began hurling curses at the middle-schooler, boasting, “I fight kids.”

Jones maintained that she hadn’t provoked the woman in any way, but the assailant continued her aggressive behavior. She physically grabbed Jones, manhandling her despite the teenager’s pleas for restraint. When Jones attempted to defend herself, the woman escalated the violence by punching her in the face, yanking her hair, and forcefully throwing her to the ground.

Jones described the experience as being handled “like a rag doll” and was consumed with thoughts of survival while enduring the attack. She described it as a horrific and distressing ordeal.

The assault only ceased when a man, who had accompanied the assailant to the McDonald’s, intervened and pulled her away from the teenager. As a result of the assault, Jones suffered several injuries, including cuts, bruises, a swollen face, and emotional trauma.

Angelina Gray, Jones’ mother, expressed her shock and heartbreak at witnessing her daughter, an honor roll student with a 4.0 GPA, subjected to such brutality. Gray is outraged by the incident and hopes that someone can help identify the woman responsible.

Gray firmly believes that the woman should face severe consequences for her actions, including imprisonment, losing custody of her children, and potentially losing her job. She issued a plea for anyone with information about the woman’s identity to come forward.

The Los Angeles Police Department has not made any arrests in connection with the incident yet, but if the perpetrator is apprehended, she will likely face charges of child abuse and battery.

In the wake of this disturbing incident, Kassidy Jones firmly asserts that there is no justification for the violence she endured, emphasizing the need for accountability.

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