The 5 Worst Neighborhoods in Greene County, Missouri: A List of High-Crime Areas

Greene County, situated in the southwestern part of Missouri, has a population of approximately 293,086 as of 2019. It stands as the fourth most densely populated county in the state and is home to Springfield, the third largest city in Missouri.

However, Greene County grapples with a crime rate that surpasses the national average. In 2019, there were 4,654.9 property crimes and 589.2 violent crimes reported per 100,000 residents. Yet, the safety status of neighborhoods within Greene County varies significantly.

Certain areas exhibit higher rates of criminal activity and violence, rendering them less attractive for residence or tourism.

In light of data collected by SpotCrime, an organization that documents and maps crime incidents across Springfield and other urban areas, we’ve compiled a list of the five most challenging neighborhoods in Greene County.

These neighborhoods are ranked according to the volume of crimes documented in August 2023.

5. West Central

West Central is a neighborhood situated to the west of downtown Springfield, marked by Chestnut Expressway, Kansas Expressway, Grand Street, and Campbell Avenue. It’s one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, notable for its historic landmarks and structures.

Regrettably, it’s also notorious for its high crime rates, with 113 crimes reported in August 2023. These incidents include 28 assaults, 25 thefts, 18 burglaries, 15 vandalism cases, 10 robberies, 9 shootings, 6 drug-related offenses, and 2 arsons.

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4. Grant Beach

Located north of downtown Springfield, Grant Beach is bordered by Division Street, Kansas Expressway, Commercial Street, and Glenstone Avenue. This area showcases diversity and hosts a low-income population, often including immigrants and refugees.

Unfortunately, it is also a hotspot for criminal activities, tallying 121 reported crimes in August 2023. Among these, there were 32 thefts, 24 assaults, 21 vandalism incidents, 16 burglaries, 11 shootings, 8 drug offenses, 6 robberies, and 3 arsons.

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3. Midtown

Midtown, situated south of downtown Springfield and bounded by Grand Street, National Avenue, Sunshine Street, and Campbell Avenue, is a mixed-use region housing businesses, schools, churches, and residences.

However, it’s also a hub for criminal incidents, with 131 reported crimes in August 2023. These include 36 thefts, 28 assaults, 19 cases of vandalism, 16 burglaries, 13 shootings, 8 robberies, 7 drug-related offenses, and 4 arsons.

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2. Heart of Springfield

The downtown area of Springfield, referred to as the Heart of Springfield and enclosed by Chestnut Expressway, Glenstone Avenue, Sunshine Street, and Kansas Expressway, stands as the nucleus of commerce, culture, entertainment, and government in the city.

Unfortunately, it’s also the nucleus of crime in Greene County. A staggering 153 crimes were reported in August 2023, encompassing 41 thefts, 30 assaults, 23 vandalism cases, 18 burglaries, 16 shootings, 12 robberies, 10 drug-related offenses, and 3 arsons.

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1. Robberson

Robberson, positioned northeast of downtown Springfield and bordered by Division Street, Glenstone Avenue, Commercial Street, and National Avenue, presents a dense, low-income community with numerous apartments and public housing units.

This area takes the lead as the most hazardous neighborhood in Greene County, recording 175 crimes in August 2023. These incidents consist of 49 thefts, 38 assaults, 29 vandalism cases, 22 burglaries, 18 shootings, 11 robberies, 6 drug offenses, and 2 arsons.

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These five neighborhoods stand as the most challenging in terms of crime, as per the SpotCrime data. However, it’s important to note that crime isn’t the sole determinant of a neighborhood’s quality of life.

Additional factors such as education, health, income, environment, and social cohesion also significantly contribute to a neighborhood’s livability. It’s therefore advisable to conduct thorough research before making decisions about residency or travel in Greene County or any other locale.

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