3-Year-Old Girl Discovered Wandering Alone near San Antonio Highway!

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio police are currently investigating an incident in which a young girl was discovered wandering alone on a busy highway access road on Thursday morning.

A concerned individual dialed 911 upon spotting the girl walking along Loop 410 near Ira Lee Road, which is close to Harry Wurzbach Road.

Authorities have estimated her age to be around 3 or 4 years old, and she is not able to communicate in either English or Spanish.

Law enforcement managed to establish contact with her mother; however, the reasons behind the girl’s presence on the highway remain unclear.

Emergency medical personnel examined the girl’s condition.

This marks the second occurrence this week where a child was found unaccompanied.

On Monday at 2 a.m., a 4-year-old boy was located wandering the streets near Brandywine and 36th St.

He was unable to provide information about his residence, prompting the officers to involve Child Protective Services (CPS) when no reports of a missing child were received.

Later, six hours after the initial incident, a family member contacted the police to report the child as missing from their home.

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