LAPD Arrests Suspect Carrying Stockpile of Weapons to Cabrillo Beach

Authorities stated that a man was arrested when multiple firearms and a stockpile of ammunition were discovered in the trunk of his vehicle, which he was attempting to bring to San Pedro’s Cabrillo Beach during Fourth of July festivities.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), who announced the arrest via a tweet on Thursday, has not disclosed the suspect’s identity.

The LAPD attributed the arrest to the keen observation of an officer from the LAPD Harbor Division, who initially detained the suspect.

Police released a photograph showing a rifle, shotgun, and a holstered handgun that were confiscated. Another photo depicted several boxes of ammunition and gun magazines that were seized.

Los Angeles City Councilman Tim McOsker, representing the district including San Pedro, expressed gratitude towards the Harbor Division’s officers for their preparedness and dedication to ensuring community safety.

He stated, “Thanks to the smart and diligent police work, what could have been a horrific incident was prevented.”

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