USPS Warns of Surge in Text Message Scams Targeting Online Shoppers

Attention online shoppers, especially those in Idaho, California, and beyond: the Federal Trade Commission and United States Postal Inspection Service are warning about a recent scam targeting cellphones.

If you’ve undergone online training at work about phishing scams, count yourself lucky. These trainings might seem tedious, but they’re vital. They help prevent you from inadvertently granting hackers access to your employer’s network and protect you from identity theft.

Scammers often send seemingly official emails claiming to be about shipping or deliveries. Their goal is to pique your curiosity enough to click a link, leading you to reveal sensitive information like usernames, passwords, or credit card numbers.

Recently, there’s been a surge in scammers using text messages, known as “smishing.” Impersonating the United States Postal Service, they send texts indicating delivery notifications. USPS emphasizes they won’t contact you via text unless you’ve requested tracking information, and legitimate messages won’t include links.

To combat these scams, USPS urges recipients to forward suspicious texts to [email protected]. Include details like the sender’s number, whether you clicked the link, and any resulting financial losses or credit impacts.

Remember, genuine USPS tracking notifications come from the number 28777 and are only sent after you’ve requested them. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly.

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