13-Year-Old Assaulted at McDonald’s: Seeking Justice and Closure

Family members and community leaders are demanding justice following a disturbing incident at a Lomita McDonald’s, where a 13-year-old girl was brutally attacked and beaten. The incident, which was captured on a widely-shared video, has left the community outraged.

Kassidy Jones recounted the harrowing experience to her mother, explaining that as she exited the restroom in the restaurant, she made eye contact with a woman who appeared agitated and expressed her willingness to fight children. Without any provocation, the teenager found herself under attack.

The video evidence shows the adult woman grabbing Kassidy’s hair, forcefully bringing her to the ground, and repeatedly assaulting her.

Angelina Gray, Kassidy’s mother, expressed the profound emotional toll this ordeal has taken on her daughter, describing her as emotionally scarred, sleepless, and bruised. Kassidy has been reluctant to attend school due to the constant questions and teasing from her peers about the incident.

The video also reveals that numerous onlookers witnessed the assault, with only one individual eventually intervening to help the young victim. It is clear that this was not a mere altercation but a vicious and one-sided attack.

In response to the horrifying incident, Kassidy’s mother, along with other family members and concerned community members, organized a protest outside the McDonald’s where the assault occurred. Their demands are twofold: first, they are calling for the woman responsible for the attack to surrender herself to the authorities. Secondly, they are advocating for charges against the McDonald’s management, citing their failure to intervene and prevent the assault as a major concern.

Angelina Gray made a direct plea to the assailant, urging her to take responsibility for her actions: “I would like for the person who brutally attacked my daughter to turn herself in. I know you’re watching, I know your family is watching… Do the right thing and turn yourself in.”

Additionally, Gray expressed her disappointment that McDonald’s has not reached out to offer an apology or support to her family in the aftermath of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed an ongoing investigation into the incident, but as of now, no arrests have been made. The community continues to demand justice for Kassidy and accountability for all involved parties.

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