Brazen Wine Shop Heist: Thieves Steal $500,000 Worth of Rare Wines

A wine shop was targeted by thieves who managed to steal approximately $500,000 worth of rare wines on Saturday morning, as captured by surveillance video.

According to the owner of Lincoln Fine Wines, the heist occurred at around 1 a.m. The security footage shows the thieves arriving in a white pickup truck and circling the back parking lot multiple times.

One of the suspects, wearing a mask, is then seen getting out of the truck and approaching the shop. They quickly climb on top of a metal container while holding a large knife or sharp metal tool.

Using the tool, the thief cuts a hole in the ceiling above the shop’s cellar, where the most valuable and prized wines are stored, according to the owners.

Reportedly, the thief then descended into the cellar using a rock climbing rope and made off with rare wines worth approximately $500,000.

The owners have decided to release the surveillance video in the hope that the suspects will be identified and apprehended before targeting another business.

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