Brutal Attack on 84-Year-Old Grandmother Caught on Camera in LA Bus Incident

An 84-year-old grandmother sustained severe injuries this week after reportedly being assaulted on a bus in Los Angeles.

CCTV footage of the alleged attack depicted the woman being propelled out of the bus, landing on her back and striking her head on the pavement, apparently as a result of a shove or a kick.

The perpetrator can be observed attempting to flee the scene as the unconscious victim lies on the sidewalk. However, bystanders intervened and held the perpetrator until the police arrived, according to a report by FOX 11.

Witnesses informed the news outlet that the assault appeared to be unprovoked, and the assailant spat on the woman after forcing her out of the bus.

Jonathan, an eyewitness to the incident that occurred in University Park, South Los Angeles, on Tuesday, stated, “This lady was just sort of pushed out of the bus. She just collided directly with the concrete.”

He also mentioned that a passerby pretended to assist her while she was on the ground but actually attempted to steal her purse. Fortunately, two young locals who disembarked from the bus promptly retrieved the purse from him.

Although some witnesses claimed the woman was pushed, others stated that she was kicked.

“The attacker was gripping the bus’s overhead rails and forcefully kicked the woman off the bus,” one witness asserted. “So, not only did she impact the ground, but she was also violently kicked.”

The unidentified suspect was apprehended by the police, as reported by FOX 11. Charges against her are pending.

A family member of the victim expressed, “It’s extremely distressing. This action was highly malicious and deliberate, and there’s nothing justifiable about this deed.”

The victim’s family reported that she only recollects fragments of the incident and is experiencing significant discomfort.

Jonathan added, “In these times, things are chaotic. You simply can’t predict where you’ll be safe anymore.”

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