Cal Fire’s Quiet Summer: Positive Impact on Wildfire Season

AUBURN — Cal Fire has experienced an unusually quiet summer, which is a positive occurrence.

“We see it as a fortunate situation,” said Robert Carvalho from Cal Fire.

Currently, there is only one incident taking place on federal land.

“They are focusing more on-field training with their captains and engineers, enhancing teamwork,” stated Steve Robinson, Cal Fire’s assistant chief for administration.

At the Nevada-Yuba-Placer unit of the agency, morale is notably higher.

“Morale is better this year because their time away from home hasn’t been as prolonged, even though their work shifts remain the same,” Robinson clarified.

The uncommon tranquility during the fire season allows for the allocation of resources elsewhere.

“About two weeks ago, we dispatched two overhead personnel, specifically fire behavior analysts, to Canada,” noted Carvalho.

Indeed, it’s not a common occurrence for California to provide resources to aid other states, and this is primarily due to their own busy periods.

“Such instances are rare since, most of the time, we are occupied with our own demands,” Carvalho acknowledged.

So, who is eligible to make these requests and how does the process unfold?

“Before seeking resources from out-of-state, all available options must be exhausted,” Carvalho elaborated.

This year’s situation is a result of multiple factors: a wet winter, a cool spring, and increased cooperation.

“People are prioritizing safety out there. They are using equipment properly and not causing unnecessary disturbances,” Carvalho commented.

The overall goal is to ensure the safety of everyone and to prevent smoky skies this year.

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