Four Armed Robbery Suspects Cornered After Daring High-Speed Chase!

BAKERSFIELD, California – Four people suspected of armed robbery were caught after a high-speed, cross-country chase.

The armed robbery happened outside of a city mall on Friday, according to the Bakersfield Police Department. Officers were able to find the car on the SR-99 Freeway because the victim was able to give a clear description of it.

Before SR-99 turned into the I-5 Freeway, police started chasing the suspects on SR-99.

The chase was taken over by the California Highway Patrol and went south to Newhall. The suspects got off the road and got out of the car in front of a nearby ranch.

The suspects started walking on a trail and kept an eye out for police as they passed by cows. The suspects got away from the police for a short while. But in an hour, the four suspects were surrounded by police.

One tried to hide in the bushes, but the other three gave up and lay down on the ground to wait for officers to tell them what to do.

All four were arrested and taken into prison.

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