LAPD’s Efforts Pay Off: Over $4,500 Worth of Stolen Goods Recovered

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) made significant strides in combating retail theft last week when its Organized Retail Crime Task Force apprehended two suspects involved in a series of thefts across the Los Angeles area. The LAPD announced this development on Tuesday.

On October 12, officers executed search warrants at two residences in the Los Angeles region. These operations specifically targeted individuals believed to be connected to retail theft incidents occurring in various locales, including Los Angeles, Carson, Lakewood, and neighboring cities, as per an LAPD press release.

The arrested suspects, who go by the names Daronica Harris and Quenda Scott, were taken into custody on charges of grand theft and had active Ramey warrants against them. Both remain incarcerated with bail set at $150,000, as disclosed in the official statement.

Furthermore, the LAPD also apprehended two other individuals associated with this criminal operation. One of them had an outstanding felony warrant, while the other was arrested on suspicion of identity theft.

During the search of the properties, law enforcement officers discovered a loaded firearm previously reported as stolen, along with approximately $1,800 in cash. Additionally, tools used in smash-and-grab thefts and a substantial number of stolen items from local stores were recovered.

At the time of the press release, roughly $4,500 worth of stolen merchandise had been successfully returned to the victimized retailers, marking a significant win for the LAPD’s efforts in combating retail theft.

Individuals with any further information pertinent to this case were encouraged to reach out to Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477 or visit their website at

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