Los Angeles Burglary Spree: Trio Strikes Again, Police Pursuit Ensues

The Los Angeles police are currently on the lookout for a trio of individuals suspected of carrying out multiple burglaries in the San Fernando Valley region.

Earlier this week, this group targeted a Baskin-Robbins store along with the adjacent Balboa Smoke Shop located in a Van Nuys strip mall. Their break-in occurred around 3 a.m. Surveillance footage captured one of the suspects wielding a hand saw. In a brazen act, they shattered the storefront glass and used the saw to cut through the locks securing the premises.

The owner of the establishments, David Balyan, reported that the thieves attempted to breach the ATM within the smoke shop but were unsuccessful. However, they did manage to make off with a substantial amount of cash and various items.

Balyan explained, “They stole the safe, which had a significant amount of cash. Additionally, they took some valuable Dupont lighters, a substantial quantity of cigarettes, and various other items. I’m yet to tally up the complete extent of the losses.”

Around 4 a.m. on Thursday, the LAPD revealed that the same trio struck Esso Mediterranean Bistro in Encino. They were spotted making their getaway in a black Mercedes sedan. Although the police initiated a brief pursuit on the 101 Freeway, the suspects managed to escape. Later on, they were sighted in Sun Valley but once again eluded capture.

Despite an overall decline in burglaries within the city, the San Fernando Valley paints a different picture. The LAPD’s West Valley Division has reported a concerning 13% increase in burglaries over the past year.

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