San Diego Man Defies the Odds with 70-Minute CPR and Full Recovery

A man from San Diego experienced a remarkable recovery after going into cardiac arrest, thanks to the combined efforts of his grandson, emergency responders, and hospital staff who performed CPR for 70 minutes to save his life.

David Mills, 67, defied the odds of less than one percent survival after suffering a heart attack at his home in Southern California. His 25-year-old grandson acted swiftly, attempting to resuscitate him for over an hour with the assistance of 911 dispatchers and hospital personnel.

Upon reaching the hospital, it was discovered that Mr. Mills had a blocked artery, and a stent was inserted into his heart. However, due to the 70 minutes without a pulse, doctors were concerned about his chances of making a full recovery.

Mr. Mills’ wife, Georgia Mills, recounted the shocking moment when the nurse informed them of his unexpected progress: “His nurse, they’re saying… ‘Oh my God, you’re here, I was just going to call you, his eyes are open.'” She added that the ICU doctor next door was equally astounded.

Dr. Andrew Fischer, speaking to the news outlet, credited Mr. Mills’ grandson for his rapid response, stating, “Starting CPR immediately is critical as the brain can only go about four to six minutes without oxygen before permanent damage occurs.”

He emphasized the importance of hands-only CPR, as bystanders often wait for paramedics, potentially delaying the vital circulation of oxygenated blood.

Deputies from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department arrived within five minutes of the 911 call and continued the CPR procedure until EMTs and paramedics from the Vista Fire Department arrived.

Dr. Fischer explained that Mr. Mills, a retired 67-year-old, underwent a total of 70 minutes of CPR inside and outside the hospital, significantly longer than the average duration of 25 to 30 minutes.

Medical data suggests that after 45 minutes, and especially beyond 60 minutes, the chances of survival and favorable neurological outcomes drop to less than one percent. This makes Mr. Mills’ survival and complete recovery even more remarkable.

In an interview with Fox 5, Mr. Mills expressed that he feels stronger each day and holds an optimistic outlook for the future.

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