San Francisco District Attorney’s Office Clears Officer in Fatal Shooting: Case Dismissed

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins has decided to drop charges against a San Francisco police officer involved in a fatal shooting during a 2017 incident.

Officer Keenth Cha claimed that Sean Moore attacked him when he responded to a noise complaint and used deadly force in self-defense. The encounter was captured on Cha’s body-worn camera.

Jenkins stated that her office could not establish sufficient evidence to prove that Cha acted unlawfully. The case was initially initiated by her predecessor and rival, Chesa Boudin, who has since been recalled from office.

“We have chosen to dismiss the case against Officer Kenneth Cha, as we are unable to meet the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Cha did not act reasonably in self-defense,” Jenkins explained in a statement.

Moore’s family has maintained that he was experiencing a mental health crisis at the time of the incident, which led to Cha shooting him.

This is not the first instance where Jenkins has dropped charges against a San Francisco police officer.

Earlier in February, she faced objections from the family of Keita O’Neil when she indicated her intention to dismiss charges against a rookie officer who fatally shot an unarmed carjacking suspect.

In May, Jenkins also dismissed a case against an officer involved in the 2017 shooting of Jamaica Hampton. Both of these cases were initiated by Boudin as well.

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