Suspects Apprehended in Clovis Kohl’s Shoplifting and Arson Incident

Five individuals, comprising four women and one male who is underage, were apprehended for shoplifting at a Kohl’s store in Clovis.

Reports indicate that the suspects initiated a fire deliberately to serve as a distraction while pilfering various items.

The store staff acted swiftly to extinguish the fire, averting harm and further destruction.

Authorities later captured the suspects at different locations. The adult suspects were found at a gas station, while the underage male was located at Sierra Vista Mall.

Among them, a 26-year-old woman named Angel Sanchez is facing charges of arson for allegedly igniting the fire using a large lighter.

The stolen goods, valued at approximately $3200, have been reclaimed. The prompt actions of Kohl’s employees and the swift responses from both the police and fire departments curtailed the extent of the store’s damage.

Additionally, they introduced a live 9-1-1 system to effectively manage the situation. The group now confronts charges including grand theft, shoplifting, arson, and conspiracy.

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