The Case of Ciera Breland: A Missing Person Mystery

On February 24, 2022, a distressing event unfolded in Johns Creek, Georgia, when Ciera Breland, 31 years old, went missing. Her last known location was at her mother-in-law’s residence, and her husband has come under scrutiny in connection with her disappearance.

Ciera, despite facing health challenges in her earlier years, was recognized for her resilience. Her mother, Kelly Locklair, fondly recalls her daughter’s vitality, zest for life, and unwavering dedication to her career aspirations. Ciera’s lifelong dream was to become a lawyer, and she pursued it with unwavering determination, ultimately realizing her ambition.

Originally hailing from Georgia, she aimed to build her life in Atlanta. To achieve this goal, she left her home state, attending the University of Tennessee and later enrolling in law school at Florida State University. As she had envisioned, Ciera specialized in insurance defense.

Throughout her life, Ciera maintained a close and meaningful connection with her family, engaging in long conversations with her father and sharing her love for sports, movies, and her vibrant spirit, until about a year ago.

Ciera’s life took a significant turn when she crossed paths with Xavier Breland Jr. in Georgia. After initially representing him legally, a personal connection blossomed, and they married in 2020. The couple later relocated to Carmel, Indiana, where they started a family and welcomed a five-month-old baby boy.

However, life in Indiana didn’t align with Ciera’s desires. Stricken with homesickness, she expressed her strong wish to return to Georgia. Her parents, Nick and Kelly, spoke to Dateline about their daughter’s intentions to come back home and embark on a new career journey.

Shortly before her disappearance, Ciera, along with Xavier, their infant son, and their pet Goldendoodle named Baker, journeyed from Indiana to Georgia. After a brief visit to her parents’ home, she went to her mother-in-law’s residence in Johns Creek. Despite assuring her family of her return the next morning, Ciera vanished without a trace.

Her parents’ mounting worry turned into panic when they were informed by the police that she was missing. The situation was all the more perplexing because they believed she was still in Georgia.

The Johns Creek Police Department, represented by Lieutenant Deb Kalish, confirmed Ciera’s last known sighting on February 24 through undisclosed video footage. They highlighted the unusual nature of her disappearance, particularly given her responsibilities as a new mother.

The Carmel Police Department in Indiana joined the investigation, collaborating with the Johns Creek police. Although Xavier Breland Jr. has been identified as a potential person of interest, no criminal charges have been filed in connection with her disappearance.

Federal agencies, including the FBI and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), are actively participating in the case. Ciera’s family, grappling with their emotions, stress the critical importance of intensifying the search efforts.

Ciera is described as petite, standing at 5 feet and weighing 120 lbs, with blonde hair. Notable tattoos include three tiny trees on her ring finger, a Florida State arrow on her left wrist, and a sunburst on her left rib cage.

For any leads or information regarding Ciera Breland’s whereabouts, concerned individuals are encouraged to contact the Carmel Police Department or the Johns Creek Police Department.

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