Unveiling Texas’ Forgotten Secrets: 13 Abandoned Places with Mysterious Tales Hidden in Plain Sight

Texas, a state renowned for its expansive landscapes and storied history, conceals a darker aspect within its deserted locales.

These forgotten sites harbor unsettling narratives and ghostly encounters that capture the imagination of those daring enough to explore. From a rice mill to a sanatorium, here are 13 abandoned locations in Texas that bear the burden of their ominous stories.

Douget’s Rice Mill

Situated in Beaumont, Douget’s Rice Mill serves as a chilling reminder of days gone by. Local tales speak of unfortunate employees meeting gruesome fates within its walls.

As night falls, some claim to witness spectral figures at the mill’s threshold, imparting a sense of otherworldly presence.

Baker Hotel

In Mineral Wells, the Baker Hotel, once a symbol of luxury, closed its doors in 1972. During its 1920s and ’30s heyday, celebrities flocked to experience the healing powers of its famed “crazy water.” Tragedy struck when the owner’s mistress met her end by leaping from a balcony. Today, visitors may encounter her ghostly figure or feel an eerie energy pervading the property.

Zedler’s Mill

Located in Luling, Zedler’s Mill now resides within a community park. This haunted relic from the past operated during a time when machinery was rudimentary, leading to potential accidents and loss of lives. Visitors who venture inside might catch glimpses of spectral apparitions, connecting them to the mill’s haunted history.

Stewart Mansion

Galveston’s Stewart Mansion presents a mystery. This grand residence, adorned with elaborate murals, was suddenly abandoned by its affluent owners. Perched upon an ancient pirate burial ground, some speculate that vengeful spirits seek retribution against those who encroached upon their resting place. The hauntingly beautiful photos of this mansion evoke a mix of fascination and trepidation.

Water Wonderland

Once a thriving desert oasis in Odessa, Water Wonderland succumbed to bankruptcy and decay. The park, once filled with laughter and joy, now stands as a desolate reminder of the past. Its abandoned state holds a melancholic charm that tugs at the heartstrings.

Rig Theatre

Movie theaters often bear witness to cherished memories, making their abandonment particularly disheartening. In Premont, the Rig Theatre once served as the community’s primary hangout spot. Now, reclaimed by Mother Nature, it symbolizes the passage of time and the fading echoes of past cinematic experiences.

Mosheim School

Mosheim’s K-12 school, built in the Roaring Twenties, never saw its grand expectations come to fruition. Despite its modest attendance, the old-fashioned schoolhouse holds a sacred place in the hearts of locals. Drone footage reveals a captivating new perspective on this abandoned educational institution.

Dr. White’s Sanitorium

Wichita Falls was once home to Dr. White’s Sanitorium, where mentally ill patients roamed freely. The asylum’s halls, believed to be haunted, echo with the spirits of those who resided there. Dr. White’s intentions may have been noble, but his legacy now lingers in a forsaken building that tops the list of creepy places.

Tundra Village

An entire abandoned neighborhood, Tundra Village in San Antonio, sends shivers down the spine. Left to decay, the forsaken homes hold untold stories within their walls. Plans for restoration may breathe new life into this eerie subdivision, returning it to its former intended glory.

Superconducting Supercollider

In Waxahachie, the remnants of an unfinished scientific marvel, the Superconducting Supercollider, lie dormant. The cancellation of this ambitious project left physicists pondering the missed possibilities. Imagining the societal impact had it been completed invokes a sense of wonder.

Woodmen Circle Home

Woodmen Circle Home in Sherman once offered refuge to countless children and elderly women. However, failing to meet building code requirements led to its closure. Today, the neglected 15-acre property represents lost potential, and its abandonment has sparked rumors of haunting experiences.


Contrabando, built for a movie, now stands as a lone building in Lajitas. This ghost town echoes the memories of a bygone era, inviting visitors to step into the remnants of the Wild West. Despite its minimal existence, it remains a testament to a captivating past.

Bender Hotel

Laredo’s Bender Hotel, the city’s first, boasts a grand history but succumbed to abandonment in later years. Paranormal encounters reported by a TV crew further solidify its reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in Texas. The unexplained knocking and thumping leave visitors with a lingering sense of the supernatural.


As you embark on a road trip through Texas, consider delving into the shadows of its abandoned places. These 13 locations carry the weight of their eerie pasts, inviting you to explore their haunted corridors and uncover the secrets they hold.

From ghostly apparitions to tales of tragedy, the sinister stories behind these abandoned places will leave you with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation.


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