Fort Worth Eateries Shut Down Over Serious Health Violations

Three restaurants in Fort Worth had to be closed due to serious health violations discovered during inspections conducted between July 29 and August 12, according to data from the city as reported by the Star-Telegram.

On August 9, Williams Chicken at 4313 E. Berry St. received a score of 30 and was forced to shut down because its walk-in cooler wasn’t maintaining a safe temperature for food. Additionally, condensation from the ceiling was dripping into a container of chicken, and ants were found beneath one of the sinks. The establishment underwent a follow-up inspection on August 10, receiving a score of 14 and being allowed to reopen.

Texan Diner at 2488 Avondale Haslet Road was required to close on August 12 after receiving a score of 20 demerits due to live pests and unsanitary conditions. The inspector found food buildup on walls and under equipment, along with organic material present in the ice machine.

Ark Riverside at 1212 S. Riverside Drive scored 13 demerits on August 11 and was also closed down due to a sink backup leading to wastewater issues.

While not shut down, two other restaurants received scores higher than 30 demerits. Restaurants with such scores are obligated to promptly address the most critical violations and begin corrective actions for all other violations within 48 hours.

On August 9, Los Magueys at 1211 E. Seminary Drive scored 35 and had live roaches in the kitchen. The inspector noted improper storage of raw chicken over cooked food. In a subsequent inspection two days later, the score improved to 13.

Louisiana Seafood and Fish Market at 1505 E. Berry St. received 34 demerits. The inspection revealed black organic residue in the ice machine, as well as deceased roaches and crickets in the storage area. An employee was also found chewing gum in the food preparation area.

Scoring 27, Shinjuku Station at 711 W. Magnolia Ave. had raw meat improperly stored above ready-to-eat foods, organic matter inside the ice machine, and significant buildup of food and grease on the walls.

King Wok at 1229 Woodhaven Blvd. scored 26 and had issues including unsafe food temperatures and the presence of a cockroach in one of the bathrooms.

Riverbend Cafe and Catering at 7251 Stoneway Drive also received 26 demerits, with problems including improper food temperatures and the responsible person lacking a food manager certificate.

The provided information displays the inspection scores and violations for Fort Worth restaurants within the specified period. The scoring is based on a demerit system, and if the total surpasses 30, the restaurant is required to promptly address all critical violations identified and take corrective action for other violations within 48 hours. For searching restaurant inspections or sorting by score, relevant options are available.

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