Nurses Celebrate Hard-Earned Victory: PTO Rights Restored at Local Hospital!

Nurses at HCA Florida Regional Hospital have successfully regained their Paid Time Off (PTO) after being sent home early from their shifts. This practice, which required nurses to use their PTO, had been challenged by RN Selenia Cavalcanti, a member of the 1199SEIU union. Her complaint put an end to this practice and restored PTO benefits for many nurses, resulting in substantial financial savings.

HCA Florida Regional Hospital, a part of the nation’s largest hospital corporation, had not been adhering to the appropriate staffing rotation. Cavalcanti pointed out that the company, with profits of $13 billion in 2021 and 2022, had the means to adequately staff its hospitals. Studies indicate that HCA operates with staffing levels approximately 30% below the national industry average.

Cavalcanti emphasized the broader implications of this victory, extending beyond financial considerations. She underscored the significance of treating staff fairly and the importance of employers respecting and fairly compensating their employees.

This case highlights the effectiveness of union action in protecting workers’ rights. Cavalcanti noted that the collective strength of the union successfully secured protections for its members, despite HCA’s substantial resources.

The situation draws attention to ongoing issues in the healthcare sector, particularly those related to staffing and workers’ rights. Despite HCA’s substantial profits, questions have arisen about the company’s staffing policies and employee treatment. The successful complaint filed by Cavalcanti and the 1199SEIU union may serve as an inspiration for similar actions in other hospitals and sectors.


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