Shocking Attempted Murder Incident on AC Transit: Warren J. Nathan’s Arrest

OAKLAND — Warren J. Nathan, a 70-year-old man also known as Edward L. Corley, is currently not eligible for release on bond. He was arrested for suspicion of attempted murder, which took place in front of AC Transit bus passengers during the early morning commute.

According to witnesses, Nathan engaged the victim in conversation before suddenly launching a stabbing attack. This horrifying incident occurred on July 17.

The authorities apprehended Nathan, who resides in Oakland, on the same day at 4:53 a.m., near 800 East 15th Street.

As of now, Nathan is being held at Alameda County Santa Rita Jail, awaiting a plea hearing scheduled for August 4. He is facing ten felony charges, including attempted murder, use of a deadly weapon, and causing severe bodily injury.

Additionally, his charges involve enhancements, which could result in longer imprisonment sentences if he is convicted.

Nathan’s history with the law dates back to his juvenile years when he was convicted twice. In 1983, he faced arrest for voluntary manslaughter, but the charges were eventually dismissed. Later, in 2021, he was convicted for assault involving caustic chemicals.

Subsequently, in November 2022, he was arrested for brandishing a deadly weapon other than a firearm and making violent threats. Earlier in May 2022, he faced another arrest for possession of a controlled substance, which was related to a DUI incident.

Nathan’s criminal record also includes prior arrests for forgery, grand theft, and sexual penetration by a foreign object. Moreover, he has been arrested multiple times for vandalism.

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