Suspect Apprehended in Attack on San Francisco Sandwich Shop Owner

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) revealed on Tuesday that they have arrested an individual in connection with the assault on the owner of a sandwich eatery. Peterson Harter, the proprietor of the sandwich shop, had previously reported being physically attacked outside his establishment.

On July 19, Harter confronted a person who was urinating on the shop’s garbage cans. The confrontation turned violent, resulting in injuries for Harter, including a bruised eye and a cut above his brow. Harter expressed his love for the neighborhood and his refusal to tolerate unacceptable behavior. However, when he confronted the offender, he was punched in the face.

The suspect, identified as Irvin Lara Rivera, was found hiding in the vicinity of 18th Street and San Carlos Street last Saturday. He was subsequently arrested for battery resulting in serious injuries, and it was discovered that he had two active arrest warrants.

After the attack, Harter stated in a press interview that he does not wish to see his attacker go to prison. Instead, he expressed his desire for the person to engage in community service as a way of giving back to the area.

“I love the neighborhood that we’re in, and I don’t stand for something like that. I’m not gonna just let things go in this neighborhood. That’s not who I am. And so I called him out on it, and I was walking back, and he just hit me in the face,” Harter said.

Authorities will consider the investigation’s findings and the seriousness of the assault, while also taking into account Harter’s wishes, to determine the appropriate course of action.

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